The Best Male Enhancement Vitamins and Minerals

There are many factors which have an adverse impact on the sexual performance of modern men. The list includes stress, diet rich in fat, higher than the optimal weight, smoking and alcohol consumption.

The good news is that you can use perfectly natural vitamins and minerals for male enhancement. They are perfectly safe as well as highly effective. Check out the top ones.

Vitamin E

best vitamins for menThis vitamin has a variety of health benefits. One of them is that it aids the production of androgenic hormones in men. When you have more testosterone, you will enjoy greater sex drive. You will have more energy to perform better in bed.

Additionally, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. It helps to slow down aging on a cellular level. In this way, it can help you with preserving your potency, erection and sexual performance as you grow older.

Another interesting fact is that most lubricants for use during intercourse contain this vitamin in order to enhance the pleasure for both partners.

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Vitamin C

This vitamin improves blood circulation. In this way, it helps for more blood to enter your penis during erection. As a result, you will have firmer and possibly bigger erection. In this way, you will not only satisfy your partner, but will enjoy greater pleasure as well.

You will be able to control ejaculation more effectively. There are also studies which have shown that vitamin C can improve male fertility by increasing sperm count and motility.

Vitamins from the B Group

Vitamin B3 also known as niacin works to regulate the production of sex hormones and to improve blood circulation.

Basically, it combines the main beneficial effects of vitamin E and vitamin C for male enhancement. Recent research has shown that it may also have the potential to participate actively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but evidence is still very limited.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid is known to lower the risk of congenital defects and conditions in children when it is taken by women before conception and during pregnancy. Several studies have revealed that it may also lower the abnormal sperm count in men.

Given this, if both the male and female partner in a couple take folic acid the risk of congenital defects and diseases for their future baby can be reduced even further.

B12 is a vitamin which can help to improve sperm production in men. It also helps to keep all the tissues of the body including penile tissue in good condition. It is important for keeping the energy levels in the body optimal. In this way, it can help you to perform better in bed.


meals containing zinkThis mineral is one of the most effective natural supplements for improving male fertility. It works to boost sperm count and sperm motility, in particular. Sperm cells with greater motility have greater strength and endurance.

In this way, they have higher chances of fertilizing an egg. If you and your partner are planning to have a baby, zinc can help you make this dream reality sooner.


This mineral can help you to enjoy healthy testosterone levels when its concentration in the body is sufficiently high. It prevents a specific protein, which works to inhibit the action of this sex hormone, from getting attached to it.

When you have sufficiently high testosterone levels, you will enjoy greater sex drive and better sexual performance.


It plays a very important role in the distribution of oxygen to the cells via the blood. When the cells get enough oxygen, all organs and systems in the body including the penis and the reproductive system can perform optimally.

This mineral is extremely important for muscle health as well. By helping to keep your muscles stronger, it can give your performance in bed a boost.

All vitamins and minerals for male enhancement are generally safe to take. However, if their concentration in the body exceeds a certain level, they may cause undesirable side effects. That is why you must not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

If you have any health problems and take medication, you should consult your doctor to confirm that vitamin and mineral supplementation is safe for you.

You can expect great results with these natural supplements, especially if you combine their intake with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Alternatively, such products like Vimax are made to provide all the necessary vitamins along with other special extracts to boost your sexual functions naturally.

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