Should You Use Vimax Free Trial?

Most free trials offered in the market are always a better option when trying out a new product. In Vimax they are also offering free trial to their customers. In this way you can have a feel of what you can achieve using their products.

And the good part is’ you do not have to spend anything for taking or using their product. But sometimes you will cover for the shipping expenses. In the case for Vimax you are the one who will cover for the shipping expenses.

Anyways let us talk about what is included in the free trial package of Vimax pills. Here is what you get when you ordered the free trial package.

You will get a 15 day supply of the Vimax pills. It’s wonderful right? Of course it is because it’s free! It is always great to receive an item and try it for free. So is it good? Yes it is a very good offer, after all you wanted to try and use it in the first place right? However, this is a part of their acceptance term if you ordered the free trial in the Vimax pills official website.

They’re saying that if you get the free trial bottle you will automatically be enrolled on the maintenance program. They will provide you a full 30 day supply of Vimax pills. Not just another batch of the 15 day bottle for you to complete the month but the full bottle.

And they will be charging you $74.95 plus the shipping and handling fees. They will be charging you in 10 days after the time you accepted the trial offer. In order for you to have the Vimax supply even before you finished the trial bottle.

There you can see that they are really proud of their product and most of all they take good care of their costumers needs. It is a good offer if you think about it right? A lot of people will be interested and try Vimax for free.

However, not everyone who will use the Vimax Pills will experience a result in 15 days. Luckily few people can experience significant results in 1-2 weeks so the free trial is perfect for them.

But if you are the kind of guy who needs more time to experience results, maybe 3 weeks or more just like me and most men. 15 days of trial is not going to be enough to cover or you will not experience a noticeable result in this time period.

And the Vimax Pills becomes stronger as you keep using the product. Plus, if you do not cancel the maintenance program in 10 short days you will receive the next supply of Vimax pills for $74.95 every month, which is significantly more expensive than the normal 30-day supply price for $59.95.

So I would not recommend the free trial option, instead I would buy a supply of Vimax Pills for 2-3 months because it is way cheaper. And if you really do not like the results you get. They have an option of a 60 days money back guarantee.

Just give them back the bottles used or unused for a full refund including shipping cost no questions asked so you have nothing to lose.

10 thoughts on “Should You Use Vimax Free Trial?”

    1. Hi Rizwan!

      Just visit the official website through the links I provided, and click the “Order” button. On the checkout page you can select the option of a trial package. But please be advised that the trial is time-limited, so you should cancel it (if you don’t like the product) or they will send you more bottles with auto-shipment, which is more expensive than buying the pills yourself.

  1. Hi there , I need to buy Vimaxs pills …….if u have, how much its cost for 1,2,3 bottle,?….
    am here in Ethiopia , addis ababa …..if u have the product( Vimaxs pill) please text me ur address.
    thanks .

    1. Hello Asmelsh!

      Please visit their official online store and click the “Order Now” button – you will see the prices for all available packages there! They also claim to ship the package worldwide so you most likely can order and get Vimax to your residence place.

    1. Hello Wade!

      I normally don’t recommend trial bottle as most people don’t read TRIAL TERMS. You only have 15 days to try it (which is not enough to see any results in most cases) and if you don’t cancel the trial, within 10 days after they sent you the trial bottle, they already charge you $74.95 for just 1 MONTHLY BOTTLE (TWICE as expensive as the usual 1-month supply in case you buy it yourself). But since you are now warned about this, check here: and select the trial bottle in Quantity field.

      Best regards,


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